Meant to be… Prelude

The real love story of the unreal 21 st century ! 
By, Shilpa Veeramani


She was  known  for calm , timid, loving and innocent nature of  hers. She had always been a dreamer , an escapist I must say. She drew her happiness from her dreams and her fairytales. When everyone else was worried about the reality of the cruel world , she always fantasized about everything around her and everything that was not. She always wanted to be successful and she wanted to make her parents proud. No matter what she did she put her heart and soul into it that it gave her the reward that she deserved. She was funny, vibrant and energizing  wherever she was, she never forgot to spread the special and addictive aura of her. She grew with a lot of fantasies and hopes and always as a princess of her parents, beloved student of her teachers and even the courteous church members liked her. Like any other  person, she was excited about her teenage years and especially that “sweet 16”.  Finally she hit her 16 th birthday with high hopes and expectation. The poor girl did not know how much of a bizzare that year was gonna be for her. All of a sudden she lost her grandfather and her uncle one after the other that disturbed her mentally for a long time. This made her worry about life and the truth about it. She lost the light inside her, her friends no more felt the energizing aura of her, she was totally unlit. She desperately wanted someone who could help find herself.

He in contrary was  a happy young boy who lived and enjoyed the moment and never really cared about the future. He was from a place that was extremely strange for her . He was full of  joy, humour and acceptance who lived a chilled out life while hers was ordered , religious and disciplined. He had immense love for his mum that kept him going in life no matter how many times he had to face the downfalls. He always aimed high but neither really thought of  how he is going to achieve it nor he worked hard about it. But when he did, he never gave up until he tasted victory. Everything about him amazed her and made her feel so familiar since all those things were the tiny obsessions that she had since her childhood. Even his name was the one that she had always liked. He wanted to become an artist and pursued his dream with uncertainity of empty hopes.  Shaina was initially happy and felt blessed to have Sridev but she didn’t realize that they had to face a lot of hurdles to be together since they had every possible issue that a couple could ever have class, caste, religion, misunderstandings, heartbreaks and what not!

Even the Cupid was perplexed ! How these two kids belonging to entirly different world met and fell for eachother. They were so damn true and crazy in love that even the CUPID wondered what made them fall for each other , his 6 feet charm or her puerile love for him ; even he was confused !  So , how did this duo meet up ? How did they get along ?  

That I will tell you all in the next chapter!







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