Chapter 1 Game of Cupid

Meant to be ….

The real love story of the unreal 21st century!
By, Shilpa Veeramani

 With utter toil and patience I had managed to pursue my Dad to take me to the Brooks during the study holidays. It happened on the suprising bright sunny day of 2015 December. I was having enjoying myself shopping all day. And knowing my Dad would say ‘no’, I went to the CD shop to buy music without his knowledge.
I was a big Shawn mendes fan and I really wanted to own one of his albums. I was a super crazy fan girl that I literally would stalk him online and memorize every single thing about him that’s on the internet . I was even ‘that crazy’ to buy 3 CDs of his album just to satisfy my inner demon that I must prove to be a pretty good member of the Mendes army.
Then, I had went straight to the bill counter since I wanted to move faster to reach my Dad before he figured out. The man in the counter looked weird at me since I gave the 3 CDs of the same  album but I just did not care . To my surprise, there was another bill on the counter with another 3 albums of Shawn and definitely not the same 3 CDs as me and I was glad to know that humans did exist of same amazing music sense. I paid my bill, rushed back and I heard a voice calling me. When I turned back, I saw a boy who was too damn tall (since I was a minion) heading to me. I was wondering why he was approaching me. 


‘Excuse me, I suppose the shopkeeper has misplaced  our bags!’

Not saying a word I looked into my bag and I figured that it was not mine and gave him his and got mine. 

‘Hi, I am Arjun’  he said.  

I had just given him a ‘Sorry have to go’ look with a crooked smile and  went away. I think that I was rude that I was rude that day. But I eventually forgot what had happened then.

Two days after, I had my exams starting. It was my Chemistry Examination. Me and my best friends, Niharika and were freak out over exam and the always fretful aftermath. Our hall was 12 C. There were 2 seated on each bench, one 10th candidate and 12th candidate, supposedly.
We all were looking at each other,  freaking out on how difficult would the question paper be. The invigilator distributed the paper, she gave me 2 papers and so I had to pass on the other paper, to probably my senior. I just slided the paper, and strangely I received “Thank you.” It was strange because we wouldn’t talk much in the examination hall and the boys, to be more specific; ‘seniors’ used to be egostic to say ‘Thank you’ to the Juniors. So I turned to look who it was and when I saw who it was, I was SHOOK, no not shook I was THUNDERSTRUCK. It was the same boy that I had ignored in the mall. I was looking right into his eyes with my jaws dropped. I was embarassed.

So this is how Shaina and Arjun have met eachother. Is this the play of destiny or the silly mistake of the two teenagers ? We will see in the next chapter. Love u all . Thank you so much .

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  1. This is awesome !!!!
    I was sitting in the same position till I complete this chapter 😂😂😂…Also I’m waiting curiously for the next chapter 😅…U are rocking!!

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