Chapter 2 Accident!

Meant to be The real love story of the unreal 21st century

by Veera.



ATTRACT  what you EXPECT ‘    ‘MIRROR what you ADMIRE

As the exams went on, I tried my best to concentrate but I… it is safe to say that I failed at it; no, not the exam; but in making up my mind to concentrate on the exam rather than him.

However, I managed to finish the exam. The invigilator distributed the thread and  it came down to our bench and she gave me 2 threads, which meant that I again had to pass the thread to him??!
He was this time waiting to see how I was going to pass the thread because, I made quite a funny scene last time. I just literally threw the thread on his paper like an agitated forthright teacher would. He was a bit annoyed by the way I threw it, I could sense that annoyance on his face. Afterall, I did not respect him, not even for not even for the fact that he was my senior but, I guess I was headstrong. 

Like any other day, I was racing with Bhuvi and I almost went past him and was about to win the ‘bet’ but suddenly I saw a car turning,  losing control I fell, skidded off from the cycle and rolled over on the road. I felt the hard bruise on my face, I could sense the blood  from my head; my arms were terribly hurt and I thought that it was broken. When I tried to be conscious, the first face that I saw was her’s. She seemed perplexed, petrified and extremely clueless. In that extereme pain it felt kinda soothing to see her face. I was hospitalised. The moment I woke up , I figured that I had broken my arms and I was glad it was a simple fracture and the nurse had instructed me to take rest for a few weeks. “She” has paid the bill but she was not there when I woke up.

So , how did Ajun get to know the name of his special girl? We’ll see that in the next chapter. Hope you guys love it. If you really love it then let me know through my instagram or through the comments guys. Thank you all. Lots of love.🖤

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