Chapter 3 The Admirance


Meant to be…

The real love story of the unreal 21 st century!

By, Shilpa Veeramani 

Chapter 3 The admirance

Hello to you all beloved souls . Thank you to all of you for all the appreciation and the support. I can’t help but mention the names of the most important people who are my biggest strength. Arthi , Shobi , Booja , Varma , Noufin , Nive & Nive ks , Mowli and vishnu thambi, Nsp,Arun, Reshma and Sathya mam these five people are the biggest supports and are my pillars. Thank you. We all know the protagonist’s name i.e Shaina and now let’s see how Sridev got to know his special girl’s name.

Well, it was one hell of a day. First I got embarrassed by a senior infront of everyone, then my car hit the same boy that mocked me ! “What is really happening?!” I had thought to myself. After I came home from the hospital, all that I could wish was that he shouldn’t file a lawsuit against me. I was worried that everyone in the school would have known about it. And became anxious as his parents could show up at my house and even complain about the incident to my Dad. I’d be done then. And this was when I was trembling with fear and ultimately started to bite my nails, what else could a 16 year old do? Afterall, I just couldn’t settle down even for a minute, I kept praying and talking to myself walking around the hall, terrified. I must admit, I was less worried about the guy’s health than me, being caught by my dad! And guess who was even more terrified? Mahesh uncle.

I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep because I was scared to death. I just wished that guy becomes partially amnesiac as then he would eventually forget me and my car. I was just glad that I had four days before the next exam. I thought that I could at least rest for the next four days from people questioning me about me hitting my senior with a car. I was damn sure about the chaos I was gonna go through because….. I just felt it. And I was also so sure that even Salman Khan wouldn’t have experienced that kind of intense questions. I thought that I was going live the Mean girls moment for real. The guy would have to be Regina and I’d be Cady. But, I was not a mathlete though. I knew that the boy must have been advised by the doctor to stay indoors for a couple of weeks but he would and for sure show up for the exam because we won’t be permitted to have a leave during the exam days.

Sridev’s narrative.

I was longing for the time to pass by real quick. I wanted to meet that weirdo once again. But that time I had to make sure I only left the campus after I get to know her name. I knew how terrible she must have been feeling and that she’d be freaking out. I wanted to make sure she doesn’t feel bad about what had happened to me. I usually wouldn’t react like this to someone who’s made me stay indoors for 3 weeks, I’d be a brat or I’d even be a rogue. But with her, I could not even think of hurting her but I couldn’t guess why. Afterall, I don’t even know her name and I seem to care for someone who broke my arm!

I had made up my mind not to be nice to her. But still wanted to know her name though. The days past and the next exam came. I was longing to meet that girl face to face and show her what she would get for breaking a senior’s arm. We were seated in the same hall. When everyone asked about the accident, I just told them that I just skidded and fell off the cycle. Her face seemed relieved when I said that. This time both the paper and the thread was given to me and I had to pass it to her. I did what she did to me, I slided the paper and threw the thread to her, she being extremely annoyed faked that she lost the thread and got a new one from the invigilator so as to neglect the one I gave her. That kind of ego from a girl that supposed to be guilty surprised me. As soon as the bell rang everyone went out but she gave me a real badass look and just left. I was disappointed and thought how egostic she must be. Before I could get up from my place, she re-entered the hall and started blabbering like anything. She seemed horrified. I could sense she felt extremely bad about what had happened and I couldn’t just make her stop. She was like ,

“Sorry anna I really didn’t do anything on purpose, it was my mistake I rushed Mahesh uncle to drive faster, I am really sorry” and bla bla and bla.

All that I could get from her words was that, her driver’s name but who the hell wants his name? I wanted to know hers! And another thing that was striking bad was ANNA. I want to ask all the girls out there… What’s with you and the word ANNA girls? Maybe we should call you Aunty when you call us Anna. She just went on and on without any breathing space, I just couldn’t make her shut up. If someone had continuous hiccups then we would say or do something that shocks them to stop it. But, how would you make a weirdo shut up? I just couldn’t think of anything, while she was just on and on with her eyes open wide, hands dancing in the air, sweat falling from her tangled hair. And I got an idea. I just shouted at her this time with my eyes wide open for a change,


I thought she would be scared and something dramatic would happen. But what happened on contrary was, she gave me a silly look and said

“Really? You really thought that I was gonna be scared? I am not a 5 year old you maniac!”

 “Whoa, let me have some respect girl, at least for the fact that I saved you from trouble…. you know?”

She doesn’t seem to care much and went on saying,

“Listen brother, I am really sorry for what happened to you, I really am. I just wanted to apologise. And I am greatful for you since you have saved me from a mess and for that, I owe you. Get well soon Anna,”

As soon as she finished I continued saying,

“Listen, I have enough sisters and so stop calling me Anna and I don’t want your driver’s name, what’s yours? At least I deserve to know it since, (stammering to find reason) ah, umm, even you said that you owe me something and let me use it to know your name!

She thought about it for few seconds and said, ” It’s Shaina ANNA” and went away with a shy but smirking face. I was happy to at last know her name, “Shaina”. But I didn’t know what I am gonna do for that “Anna”. She is after all my junior and that’s how she’s supposed to call me but I just couldn’t take that word from her. I don’t know how and I don’t know why but the girl felt kind of special to me. So, does Shaina also think that this guy is kinda special to her ? She couldn’t even think of how much of a troublemaker this guy was gonna be though he saved her initially. Hope you all like it. See you all soon in the next chapter. Thank you. Lots of love. 🖤

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