Chapter 4 The realization


Meant to be…

The real love story of the unreal 21 st century!

By, Veera.

Chapter 4 The realization

Sridev’s narrative

I was happy that I got to see her again. And what made me even happier was the fact that I knew her name then. I was really stressed out because the exams came to an end, and that kept me from meeting her. I could not see her until the vacation ended. I had never been in love or had I thought about being in love. To my atmost conscience I knew that “love” was a luxury. All that I had been aiming for, was to do my best to earn a lot. I had always tried to enjoy as much as possible but I also wanted to make sure that I was doing enough for my family and my future. I would do anything for the family but all that they wanted me to do was to study good and score good grades but that; I couldn’t.

“Oh then well, this guy must be a hot athlete”, you guys might be thinking but nuh uh.
I have never had the interest in sports. Being a hunk, one must definitely like sports but me, I found that thrill and excitement in Cameras and pictures rather than in playground and Cricket kits. Cameras fascinated me, they just gave me life and they provide me ‘that drive’ that kept me going and complete. No matter how bad the Clotho casted his play, Cameras have the ability to change the scene. A Human eyes may show us the absolute bad in a place or in an object but the cameras have the ability to change them into something wonderful and pleasing.

And about academics, I was not a topper; must admit that. But, it all changed because I didn’t want Shaina to hear that her Senior/Friend is dumb at studies. And since I heard that she was a topper, I thought that I should at least be an average student. I got to know a little more than what I knew about Shaina through my friends. I came to know that she was a Christian, she was and still is into music and that she was a guitarist. She was close to her grandfather who passed away a year ago and this disturbed her mentally. She seemed to be crazy for dogs and cats and even birds but too lazy to take care of them. A clear cut princess-material who do not care for any sort of courteousness of life. She loved  watching Hollywood movies, a lot I must say and pop music and she had been into western clothes and she was and is always too damn proud of her father. My friends, Suhail and Braga were telling me these while Aradhana came in, to serve us some snacks.

Me and Arathana would always fight but also have huge love for eachother but never really cared to show that. I was not a brother who bought a teddy for his sister and pampered her, I was that kind who always quarrelled with the little ones and annoyed them. But I was really good with Gugan, my cousin.

Soon we ended our chitchat and went out for lunch to Brooks, where else. I had took Gugan with me because this little one was my favourite. We were having a lot of fun and went straight to the food court after. I was getting my burger and pizzas too for the friends.

“Excuse me Anna”

I don’t know why, I just hate that word so very much, ANNA. I turned my face with my eyes spilling the inner fury and guess whom I  see, S H A I N A .

Shaina’s narrative

I was out with my friends to the Brooks since it was boring, staying at home. I didn’t actually go for shopping I went to have fun, wandering. Most of the girls loved shopping, but trust me it annoyed me. Shopping was like a huge punishment to me. Sona totally enjoys it, and that meant double trouble. If you give Sona your cridit card worth say 10 Million, she would just finish it off in a day. I sometimes wonder how much her husband would have to earn in order to live with this shopaholic. Man, he has to be a billionaire. Whereas I, I just loved Food. I never intended to cook, just loved eating. Another thing I liked apart from food? Wandering. Atleast around 90% of my life I wandered thinking why God made me a girl because I loved wandering. But my parents used to say that because they were obedient to God so that God had gifted them a girl child, as if  I had born as a boy then I would have never stayed in the house. Well, that sounded to be true. So as I wished we had wandered around the mall and once we got tired, we had gone straight to the food court. We were moving, finding a table to settle down, at once a hunk was blocking my way and hence I asked him to move aside saying,

“Excuse me, Anna”

And I was actually looking for the way, didn’t see his face. Even after having said those words, the boy didn’t move. Being perplexed, I looked up and guess whom I saw ! The great

S R I D E V.

I was wishing to meet him and I could say that he was wishing for it too. Few seconds after, he said with a smirking face,

“If at all you want to go past me, you should  stop calling me Anna”

I was impressed but I didn’t give in too easily. I moved around the table next to his and stood right before him saying too damn proudly,

“I’d rather call you Anna”

We both giggled and we finally made a formal handshake before we ran into each other the next time.img-20190401-wa00181975334397321024776.jpg

He introduced me to his friends and his cousin Gugan. Gugan, the name was so special to my heart because I love the character Gugan from the great Tamil epic,  Kambaramayanam. The description of Gugan in the epic goes like,

‘Gugan’s long hair which looked like a dead-dark cloud that’s ready to pour. With such long hair, he knelt down completely and greeted his master, Rama. Gugan’s gesture is so full of respect that with the way he bend, his long hair has touched the floor,’

This description of Gugan made me love the name and when I heard that Sridev’s cousin’s name was Gugan, I was happy. I didn’t know why I could always relate to Sridev, the fact that he was from Trichy which was the birth place of my Dad. And to top all that Sridev’s name was something that I had always liked since one of the movies of my favorite Hero was titled ‘Sridev.” For once I felt like whatever I liked was given to me. We had just spent 5 minutes together then as I greeted everyone ‘bye’ especially Gugan and went off. I still remember I didn’t say bye to him, he was expecting that I would, but I liked to play the “ego games.”
I was not being cheesy and he certainly did knew that. I was sure that tall man could bare few ego clashes and I knew that he liked them.


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