Chapter 6 The shock

Meant to be…

The real love story of the unreal 21st century!

By, Veera.

Chapter 6 The shock

Shaina’s narrative

I reached home finally and I went straight to my room and was thinking about what had happened that day. Later during the dinner, I explained to my parents that I had trouble starting the scooty. And they were calming me down because I started yelling at them for buying me a DABBA scooty. We always used to have dinner while watching Tv and during the ad, I saw the SRI Udhaya Krishna ghee’s ad and I just couldn’t control my smile when I heard ‘Sri’. Later I went to bed and I was thinking, how I felt different and strange from the usual days but felt cared and armoured. I had never felt it before. I had never wanted to feel this way but right that moment I was feeling it, and it felt so damn good and I only wanted more. But what was it? Afterall why was I in extreme disillusion and dismay when he just walked past me? Trust me I never cry, the last time that I had shed my tears was when my grandpa passed. Since then I had been so strong, mentally especially. With the fear of loosing someone again, without being not so strong to deal with that, I refused…. I feared, I must admit; to be close with anyone ever again even my parents. I couldn’t just accept the fact of death, I didn’t actually understand the method of processing someone’s absence all of a sudden and I was only 15 at that time. My parents were both working. Appa was an AD and Amma was also working they both and were still working and they never had time for me that often. But whenever they did had time, it was nothing less than the heaven. I, was never satisfied with the materialistic care. My parents had a love-come arranged marriage and so I should probably be likely to have love marriage too but in the contrary, I hated it because of the love affairs that I saw around me. Those days, a boy never proposed to a girl just to literally wander with eachother labled as girlfriend or boyfriend. Whenever a boy proposed to a girl, he meant marrying her. Breakup was not a considerable option at those times. Whereas now breakup is like breakfast, it’s a necessity. Whenever things don’t go as planned, you just tend to breakup rather than working on it and fighting for the ones that you love. That’s why me, Sona and Sara we as a team decided that we would never fall for any hunk, in my case not for anyone but maybe for Shawn Mendes. But! What had happened the previous day was something that I wanted to cherish and wanted to indulge myself everyday….. But how and why would I ever want that ? I didn’t know where that was going to take me but I was liking the journey…..NO.. probably I was loving it. I had not told a word about Sridev to Sara or Sona because I didn’t know how they’d react. I was thinking,

“SRIDEV what have you done to me ? You have made me lie to my bestfriends, keep secrets from my parents and now I am laughing like a maniac when I see your name appear on Tv, What have you done to me ? ”

But I had no idea that all these stupid thoughts and conjecture were going to rip me apart one day !

For I was hating love and its game,

I thought my heart doesn’t need that kind of flame.

My brain and heart have been deceived,

Is this the consequence of the tenderness received?

I don’t think that I can escape this madness,

I have somehow become his harness,

No I don’t want to be a captive of this sweet harm;

Or is it impossible to run away from love’s seductive charm?

Sridev’s narrative

I was on high spirits since the moment she called out my name. I liked it. I loved it in a way that I was thinking about her all the time, when I was on the road, when a drunkard cussed me I smiled at him thinking about her.When my mom scolded me real bad for being late I was giggling like an idiot thinking about that weirdo. When my dad was watching Cricket which I had and have no idea about, I was freaking laughing looking at the Tv like a fool. All this was different for me but I loved it with all my heart. I just loved the feeling at that moment. But what was pestering me was the fact that I literally couldn’t see her in pain and seeing her like that gave me immense affliction. I just couldn’t take that. I was wondering why this much of care and affection and attention to this girl? I had known this girl only for about a month then. We had only met twice that too accidentally, even when we spoke we just spoke for a minute or two. I didn’t know anything about her except for her name. What had she done to me ? I’m stuck here in some kind of illusion. I couldn’t stop striking questions to myself. That day I was sure that something was wrong with myself but I just couldn’t put the finger on it….. I was thinking lying on my bed, suddenly mom had called me and she wanted to tell me something. What she said to me took me in shock. I was horrified. What she told me was, that we all were going to be shifting to Chennai because the exams were over and they want me to pursue my higher studies in Chennai. We were just 3 months away from shifting and this was a surprise to me because finally I had found something that made me want to stay in coimbatore but God’s plans!

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