Chapter 9 Expectations kills

Meant to be…

The real love story of the unreal 21st century!

By- Veera.

Chapter 9 Expectation kills

“Luck is the meeting point of an opportunity and well utilized talent. It is actually a man’s mastery over his ability

“I wished that I could see him everyday” I used to ponder. But to hell with the schedules we just couldn’t. I had been missing his lighthouse structure, his brown lips; which appeared like as though he smoked marijuana everyday but no wonder he made me feel like I smoked it everytime I had thought about him. Those eyes, God those eyes ! Trust me they were hideous. Yeah you heard it, but to me it was the most attracting and I was fetish for his eyes I must say. The pain I get on my neck everytime raising it, to look at his face just to talk with him, it would awfully ache but I had never cared. His funny stories about his mom beating him up even at the age of 17 ! That was adorable. I had loved that part of him so much, which derived me closer to him. My last exam was social science and just couldn’t wait for it to end already. I made a plan to meet Sri after the exams got over. We had arranged a party at Suhail brother’s house and I had asked him to invite and bring Sri no matter what.

“Anna make sure he comes, we hadn’t met in a while na. Just ask him to come since it is a farewell party”

“I don’t think I can help you with that da, since his whole family is shifting to Chennai just two days before the party. Afterall, why do you want him to come? Let me know the actual reason”

“Are you serious Anna ? He never told me about this shifting. I need to tell him something Anna and I have not met him since the exams begin, so please bring him to the party and let me tell him what I need to tell him to hear”

“I’ll try my best”

I couldn’t just believe what my ears had heard. He was leaving and didn’t just care to let me know. That was terribly hurting.
After reaching out to Suhail anna, I went straight to home depressed, but didn’t cry because anger over-took the pain. Just when I needed someone to talk to, to my biggest surprise my cousin Harsha came in, to stay with me for about a week. I couldn’t ask for more. Harsha was and still is my most dearest cousin and we share every secrets and  gossips. He knew me well and I knew him too. Just after he came, without wasting a second I took him alone to a nearby restaurant in my scooty. It was always fun spending time with him though he was a year younger than me. We had reached the restaurant safely after surviving my terrible driving skills. We went to Akshaya which had been my favourite spot for biriyani in RS Puram. We had ordered two plain biriyani, one grill chicken and one manchuriyan. What better way to treat your wounded heart right ? We just went on speaking rubbish things until he had whispered to me hiding his lips with his one hand so that others wouldn’t find out,

“Are you in love?”
I was in extremely suprise.

“How do you know ? How could you sense it? Do you know him too? How did you actually know?”

I was screaming at the top of my lungs.

“Shaina, calm down! It’s in your face, that glow! Girl you have fallen strong and deep. So, who is he? Is he your classmate? One of your other cousins? Who is he? Come on now, tell me. What is he like?”

“Okay! Okay ! I’ll tell you. Now, listen he is tall, dusky , handsome to me and caring and he loves his mom and his sister and he is very responsible and funny and amazing  to be around and….”

“Okay, girl stop now. I heard enough. So you are serious about this guy, huh? How long have you known him?” 

“It’s over 3 months but we have never met personally like on a date neither have we’ve been on call for hours”

His eyes expressed doubt and uncertainty, it was evident.

“Listen Harsh” how I call him,

“I know what you are thinking, is she mad to even fall for a guy whom she doesn’t know personally? “

“No, no, I mean yes a little, but I know you and I know how stubborn you get when you want something but are you sure about this guy? When are you planning to tell him that you have fallen for him? Are you sure that he is the one because girl, I know you surely ain’t gonna marry another guy if you commit to this one. So be certain.”

“I’ll, I am”, I said with a heart full of hope and fascination.

“The problem is he is leaving the town in a week and he didn’t tell me about it, I only came to know about that from one of his friends. I have planned to tell him how I I feel about him at the party. I hope that  everything should go well”

“I am here with you I’ll help you out with this. Don’t worry but, are you sure that he is the one ? You are just 15! How can you be so sure?”

” And how old are you, 50 ? “

“Okay! If you are so sure about this let’s do this. I don’t know where this is going to end. I already picture myself getting beaten-up by Vijay uncle for helping you with this. Girl I’m gonna get you behind the bars if I die out of injuries and you both shall continue your love inside the prison”
He laughs out loud and we both enjoyed the evening. The most awaited day of my teenage life came and I was getting ready. Harsh came in, gave me a gift,

“Most special gift for my special sister on her special day!” he had said.

I hugged him in joy. It was a dark blue velvet stunning dress that he presented me and I knew that was it, what I had to wear on my big day.

“Thank you so much Harsh, will never forget this.”

“Please forget this when uncle finds out that I helped you with this guy sis”

“Ha ha. Don’t be such a baby you know you will bear some slaps for your favorite sister”

“Yeah I know! Now go get ready I’ll wait for you in the living room”

I wore the pretty dress and I did my hair just how I knew to comb it but I must say Vidya’s YouTube channel helped me with that. As soon as I got down, me and Harsh went to Suhail Anna’s house. All of the 10th and 12th graduates where there. The party was lit just like I had expected. I was pretty nervous but decided to not show it.

“You seem so nervous, Shaina don’t be. He is just a guy. He will not eat you”

“What if he just judges me with me confessing my feelings first? I am scared da. What if he rejects me ? What if he just ignores me and never talks to me after that?”

“Who said that it’s wrong for a girl to propose first? It’s pointless sis. It would only show how strong and brave you are to man up and confess how you are feeling about a guy”

“I don’t know Harsh, I feel different my heart is pounding.”

“Girl ! You know how your looks are today? To be honest, only today I see some sort of girly trait in you. You should definitely wear these kind of clothes often rather than those trousers of yours. He should be the one who gets nervous when he gets proposed by an absolutely breathtaking girl like you. What if he proposes to you today? There is no chance that he has not fallen for you, you told me that he was tall right? How tall is he?”

“Just an inch or two taller than you.”

“Perfect! Imagine, I am Sridev now, wait let me grab a rose for you”

he steals a rose from the bouquet from the nearby table, we were both laughing.

“Come, lets get to a private space.”

We both rushing to the balcony, going past the crowd.

“Shaina will you accept my true love for you? I will buy you  biriyani everyday and I will take you to Shawn Mendes concert and will gift you enormous trousers “

I couldn’t control my laughter.

“Sis, don’t laugh I’m trying so hard not to, just take the flower already!”

“Yes, yes I will; get up now ! “

I rush him, we both bursting into laughter.

“I’ll always be thankful for God to have you as my brother Harsh”

“I know Shaina, but never forget your brother after you get committed with Sridev.”

“Will never”

We smiled and then we were awaiting for his arrival but we couldn’t find him anywhere. We waited until the party was over but he had not come. I was frustrated. A week after that I got to know that he had already left to Chennai.

“He didn’t even care to say goodbye.”

I was crying my heart out lying on Harsh’s lap. He was just on his 9 th grade then, I may have been a really bad sister! High School made us crazy and some of Gautham’s movies too.

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