Chapter 10 Regret

Meant to be…

The real love story of the unreal 21st century !

By, Veera.

Chapter 10 Regret

Not all love stories are meant to be like Jack and Rose or Romeo and Juliet. Some stories are so unpredictable that even the legends would stumble.

And as the Alchemist says, ” And above all for his having met a women of the desert who had told him that love would never keep a man from his destiny

I was almost 400 km away from her…. it had been 2 months since I came from Coimbatore and I must say that I had really miss my friends especially Suhail. Braga… I miss him too but Suhail was rather more close to me. Chennai had a different impact on me to be honest. The strong breeze from Marina made me indulge in a contemplation of freedom and independence. The people here were so welcoming and they inspired me to be an extrovert but I knew that I had to work on it. Traffic was hectic in a way where Damon screamed when the creepy device made a ultra-sound in The Vampire Diaries; it was noisy, annoying and tested your patience. Food, I couldn’t ever complain about that because Mom would kill me if I did and for everyone’s surprise I even learnt to cook. For starters I could do Dosa or Magie and Pasta, but soon I had learned to cook from Sambar to Tamarind broath.. from Fish Curry to Chetinad chicken. And I had even learnt to cook her favorite… Biriyani. I liked to cook anything for myself or someone whom I can trust rather than her, I had thought to myself.

” You should do anything to anyone but for her!”

my brain screams as I stand gazing at the beautiful sky of the mystifying dusk.

“Sri, where are you?”, I heard my Mum searching for me from the balcony.

“Mum you called me?”, I had rushed up quick to her before she could actually be mad at me for responding late.

“You have to drop Arathana at her tution tomorrow don’t forget that and your results will be out next week you better pray to the God that you score enough to get into SNN”, she said. I was worried about my marks because I had enough distractions when I was writing the board exams and everyone knows that. ” Results! Oh my God that means that the 10 th results might have been announced already! I ought to know her marks, she was as distracted as me during those times and she and her terrible maths brain, I really have to know her marks! “, I suddenly started to scream and my entire body was shaking. I anxiously took my phone and I suddenly became a devotee of every God out there for she must have passed, my hands started shaking and I had to redo my unlock pattern four times in my own phone because my hands were shaking.

I entered google, got on the browser… entered the webpage… and there comes the register no icon and I am like, ” Damn I don’t remember her no.” I try to remember the funny way where we both taught each other to remember each other’s number. It involved our birth dates and my bike’s number. Her birthdate is 24. and mine is 3.11 my bike’s no is 16…. she told me that I come first since I am elder then the bike came into the world and later her… so the number would be 24731116 and she warned me not to involve her Dad in this because he might rip me into pieces… and she gave me a clue that his number had something to do with Dhoni.” To my absolutely no sports-interested brain, I couldn’t think much. So I went to ask my dad but I couldn’t staright away ask him that so I figured that I had to take the long route but I couldn’t just control the urge but I started,” Dad, how are you ? You seem to retain your youth like Thitonus these days, so have you found your Aurora yet ? “, I thought a little poetry would flatter him but he blasted me instead. ” Sri, son I am going to pay lakhs to get that B.E., after your name but with your Thithhi…whatever that meant its seems like I have to spend lakhs at your therapist instead, what’s wrong with you is it the heat of chennai that has caused some stroke or something?” “Dad, I just tried to impress you with my knowledge but its okay dad let me come straight to the point now, does this guy Dhoni has any special number or something like that Dad I want that specific number.” My dad goes, ” Its 7 and please don’t introduce yourself as my son here anywhere or you will be kicked out of the house.” I was like,” Is it mandatory for every guy out there to know cricket ? I’d rather play football, I would be in Federer’s team then.” ” Federer is a tennis player my son, please get away from my sight before I kick you out”, my Dad said with the combination of grief and extreme anger because he was a sports person. I went quickly to the balcony and I thought, its 7 so I have to take away seven so its 2431116. Ah I got it and I was pretty scared because of the tripe 1 on it, the least thing that I would want her to have would be a ‘Govinda’ in her results. I entered the number and the results were loading…. my eyes were wide open, heart was pounding its 470 ! I was damn happy she got 470 its a really good mark… and what stuck in my mind was a 90 in maths! She should have worked hard for this because that girl really hated maths and maths hated her more. I was happy for her. Extremely extremely happy and I didn’t know which group she was going to enroll herself in, I wish she never chose Bio ! Because I know the trouble that could bring as I was a computer science student, I saw literally the pain of being a bio student.

And then I remembered, ” We were in no way related or important to each other anymore! Ah! I was never important to her! So I don’t have to care for her since she has someone else to do that. “I let the pain spread through my veins but I knew that one day I’ll forget or just with the extreme regret I’ll turn numb to these feelings.

Shaina’s lurking emotion

What better way to relish on the agony of a lost love than to spend it on the balcony sitting like a stone for an hour straight and staring at the sky, the magestic sky in the dusk ? It was a sweet pain I must say. ” Shaina how long are you going to stay there staring at the sky like a retarded ? Get down soon before it becomes too dark!”, shouted my Mom. I wanted to reply that, ” My entire life is too dark without him Mum” but I’d rather die myself than to be beated up to death by my Mum in her special broomstick. But what would I do ? I was in love. They say, “Everything is fair in love and war”. Have you ever wondered why? Well take it from a 16 year old, A war is the most terrible and atrocious event that takes place only because of a single person’s egoistic and selfcentred move. War never shows mercy on anyone, it will seize your life once it is destined for you to suffer in its hands. Whereas love is also the stupid act of us, we humans surrender our hearts like the fed up soldiers would do, to the enemy camps which will eventually result in the heart ache. But why do we all march to the enemy camp so desperately? It is because of the fact that everyone in this world wants that special love, care , and affection from a stranger who might at the end kill your heart. But some may end up in a magical, mysterious fairytale. And that’s why love is just like war, you never know how it happened or why it happened but all you will be sure of is that once it knocks your door, you will certainly have some wounds within you sooner or later. Its been 2 damn months since he disappeared without even telling me, like one of those vampires from that stupid series that he used to watch. I remember the days when we used to discuss the plot construction of the series and the characters. We used to take sides with the characters, I’d take Stefan’s side and he’d take Elena’s. He was fasinated by the ability of the Vampire’s eternal lifetime and so was I. Those were the times of love and care and our love was different because we never wanted any physical intimacy between us, we never needed that.

All that I wanted was for him to listen to me when I confess him how I was feeling about him but everything was futile. Because he didn’t care. He doesn’t even care about me, it would take any boy a day, just a day to get a girl’s number or info if he really wanted to. He doesn’t have any sort of concern. That was all that I could think. He knew that I was terrible at maths but he didn’t care. He knew that I was terrible at making decisions but he didn’t care to be here with me to tell me which group I should enroll myself into. Was all that fake? I can’t imagine all those sweet sweet talks being fake. That actually hurts. I bet that he was now enjoying the Marina’s breeze and the metropolitan people out there.

But I wish that the strong breeze also reminds him of the times we spent in the Brooks and in our school, those times should be feeling like the delicate blow of the west wind that passes by the feeble memories of the new-come strong hail’s emotions. It wouldn’t be that strong to overblow the new hail but I want the memories to bring at least a slightest emotional impact so that I get some sort of satisfaction….. that he was real and he felt the same too.

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